Summer term ...

As I write the new school term has just begun, and this summer term is a ‘funny’ one.  We are getting towards the end of the academic year and the long summer holidays are in sight but for many young people there is a large blot on the landscape which goes by the name of exams.  For them there will be lots of hard work and stress ahead until towards the end of June.


It doesn’t make planning for the youth clubs very easy as numbers will fluctuate wildly according to who has what exam when.   And although the younger age groups of JCYG aren’t so affected themselves so numbers may remain steadier, we are very reliant on a group of older young people who come and help each Friday and they will be caught up in exam fever.


We really need a bigger pool of helpers but so far the Lord has not sent anybody.  I think people are a bit scared of the youngsters and think they are going to feel out of their depth but it is really a lot gentler than that, with roles to suit all talents, and they really are a lovely lot whom we are privileged to have contact with.  I think if people came and had a no obligation visit they might actually like what they see.   I can but hope and pray.


Susie Walker

Youth Work Coordinator