Drama in church! The Just William Lady...

On Saturday the church was transformed into a theatre as we were held spellbound by the dramatic skills of Alison Neil - 'the Just William Lady'.


In four acts Alison took the 'stage' with her one-woman show, a lively and affectionate look at the life of Richmal Crompton.


Richmal Crompton was at the centre of a large and eccentric family; there was the brother who ran away to Africa, the grandfather who drank acid, the nephew and niece who were kidnapped, and the mother who saved Richmal's life. There was also Tommy…Richmal's nephew and the real-life inspiration for William Brown.


Alison was poignant, expressive and very funny!


So now we know that our newly re-ordered church works magnificently as a theatre. Maybe this will just be the first of many plays and dramatic performances in the future.