A new year - all change?

Well, that is it: Christmas is done and dusted for another year and we are now into early 2017.  I wonder what the year will hold for each of us.


To be sure Holy Trinity and I are both into a new era.  Church has been reordered and there will be lots of experiments happening on how to best make use of the new layout.  It is exciting!  And then for me, my post as Group Youth Worker has come to an end and I am now employed solely by Holy Trinity for 10 hours per week. 


The next few months for me will also be fairly experimental as we see what is do able with reduced hours.  We want to keep the well-established youth groups going and are grateful that people from the other churches in the Group who have helped in the past are happily willing to carry on.  We hope more people will become involved.  We will also continue to operate an open door policy at the youth groups: they are for anyone who comes our way.  Time will tell over what else is possible and we will be listening closely to God to hear his call and leading.


In a way, as with the church building, nothing has changed.  We still are a worshipping body of people and I am still a youth worker.  But also, everything has changed.  Somehow it is all different even though it feels familiar.  What happens, where we go, who knows?


When Jesus was born I guess in many ways it seemed that nothing had changed.   But, even so, quietly and mostly unobserved, Jesus being born made everything different.  And so we walk the same path.


Susie Walker

Youth Work Coordinator