It's Christmas!!!

The Season of Advent is over, the waiting has finished and on Christmas Day we will celebrate the birth of Jesus, a baby born in a manger.


During Advent we have been given time to think about our faith, in particular about our discipleship.  To think about how we can show the world that we are the people who glory in the gifts brought by the Christ Child.  The child who brings to us the gifts of hope, peace, love, joy and light.


In a very remarkable way we at Holy Trinity have been given a wonderful opportunity to explore our discipleship and to think about how we use the gifts of the Christ Child.  During the last year we have been reordering our Church; trying to make our Church a truly holy and welcoming place.  A place from which we can reach out to the community.  Finally the builders have gone (well almost) and they have transformed the Church.  The pews have been replaced by comfortable chairs and there are now meeting rooms within the Church.  Incredibly the Church feels much bigger and pure light streams in through the brilliant stained glass windows.  It as if the Church building has been given a new life.


As a community of Christians we are exploring ways in which we can use our reordered building, how we can use it to give renewed life to the gifts of hope, peace, love, joy and light.  Be with us this Christmas, come and welcome the Christ Child in a Church that is full of light and expectation for the future.        


Paul Duckers