Preparing for Christmas

I don’t know about you, but I really do not want to think about Christmas until December arrives!


I get asked the usual questions.  Have you written your cards/done all your shopping.  Where will you spend Christmas and who with?  Have you made your cake/puddings/mince pies?  What would you like for Christmas?


So here we are almost half way through the month, the town will be packed with shoppers, parties will be in full swing and everyone will be preparing for Christmas Day. 


It’s the same here in church.  This weekend our preparation continues with our annual toy service when congregation members bring presents to give to children less fortunate than ourselves.  It’s just a small way to show our love and care for others less fortunate.


Somewhere in all the busy-ness, we should take time to remember the true meaning of Christmas!  Jesus was born as a gift from God to the world, to be among us as a baby and later in his life to show us the way to live as God wants us to.


Enjoy your Christmas preparations, and the giving and receiving of gifts.  And remember why we do it.


Ros Dyke, Warden