Settling back into church

The last few weeks have seen us using our new church building in a number of different scenarios.  It's an ongoing learning experience for us all.  But it will be better once we get the building completed and handed back over to us properly.

Having now had a number of services - including our special Re-Opening service with Bishop David, two weddings, a baptism, the Bishop Vesey Founder's Day service with 400 students and staff, and most recently the Gala concert organised by the Friends Group - we have already shown our versatility!

All this has been done whilst part of a building site, having to clean, set up and put away each week-end so that the builders could make further progress (and more dust so we could practice our cleaning skills each time!) during the week.

This couldn't have happened without the tremendous efforts of a band of dedicated and hardworking volunteers.  They have put in sterling efforts so far, with more to come over the forthcoming weeks, in order to try and present our church building in its best light whilst it is undergoing its transformation.

Now we have all our ordered chairs, sanctuary furniture and crèche equipment.  We should be able to experiment more with the layout of all this once the contractors are offsite - from early November this year.


Please see this as an opportunity to consider positive changes.  I am sure that we will not please everyone, so your cooperation and constructive feedback would be welcomed to help us to move forward with our re-newed Holy Trinity!

Hopefully we will have time to relax and enjoy the church building more over the coming Christmas period. We should have settled in properly by then!