The long wait is over

It seems like a long time since we moved out of church and handed the keys over to building contractors.  In fact it’s been just nine months, a tiny portion of the 750 or more years for which Holy Trinity has stood bearing witness to the parish around it.  Those nine months are now over.  On Sunday 2nd October we will return to the church building, with a re-opening service led by Bishop David.


The work won’t be finished - there will still be a few things to do over the next couple of weeks.  The most obvious things missing will be the under gallery meeting rooms, the inner glass doors of the new entrance, and the stone won’t yet have been cleaned.  But it will be a perfectly usable worship space, and we will be able to get a real feel for the building, and the potential it offers us.   


Much as I have enjoyed our services in the Trinity Centre, I’m very much looking forward to moving back to our real ‘home’.  And I’m sure the building is keen to have us back!  It will be a time of celebration, and I hope that everyone from our church family and the parish community will be able to join us.  You are certainly all welcome.