A Godly mess?

Phew, I have just finished ‘fumigating’ the youth room all ready for the new term.  Cleanliness may be next to Godliness but the room only seems to get properly cleaned once a year.  The betting can now begin on how long the room will remain looking as clean and tidy as it now is: my guess is around half an hour after the first club restarts.  Others may not be as optimistic!


So after a summer of cleaning and planning for the autumn and Christmas we are getting ready to open our doors to the young people again.  Actually, don’t tell the rector, but even at this late date I am still pondering exactly how we and when we run our clubs.  Should we change what we offer and to whom we offer it?  Should we restart in the same way as before and see who comes and if we need to change?  Should we do more, or less?   Plenty to ponder but rest assured, we will be trying to provide good clubs that meet a need and show something of the love of God.


I am looking forward to seeing again the young people with whom we have continuing contact.  Several of them have had important exams and many are changing schools.  I am looking forward to hearing all their news and finding out what they have all been up to over the summer.


Two things are for sure: one is that we will be definitely there to welcome young people no matter what situation they find themselves in, sticking with them through thick and thin.  The other dead certainty is that the youth room will be back in a mess very quickly!


Susie Walker