A sneak preview


Last Tuesday afternoon (19th July) we were able to invite people to look at progress on the re-ordering scheme.  It was good to see so many people – congregation members, donors and a few other interested folk.


The work wasn’t quite far enough advanced that people could get inside the building and walk around.  But the contractors had turned the step inside the south porch into a viewing platform, and from there we could see quite a lot. 


We saw that the under-floor heating pipes have been laid and a screed is currently being poured over them ready for the stone floor to be laid.  We saw that the new entrance and toilet suite is well under way, with the concrete slab now laid, and a roof over the entrance taking shape.  We saw that the dais is well on its way to being formed. 


I was able to point out where things like the under-gallery rooms and kitchenette would go, where the altar and font will be positioned, where the crèche and the choir, organ console and piano are likely to be.  The comments people made were overwhelmingly positive. 


There’s a lot still to be done, but once the contractors start laying floors things will move at an amazing speed.  I was asked several times and my answer was and is ... we will be finished on time!   


So after our sneak preview we’re all now looking forward to moving back in late September, with Bishop David joining us for the formal re-opening service on 2nd October.  We hope to see you there!