Countdown to summer

This is a very long term:  a very, very long term, so lots of youth group meetings to organise.   It is, however, easier having a long term in the summer than in the winter as the nights are shorter and, hopefully, the sun shines a little bit.  Everything feels a bit easier in daylight.


It is a funny time of year.  It is the last term of the academic year and the long summer holidays are in sight.  The Year 6s are especially demob happy as they are about to leave primary school for the big shift to secondary education.  Big fish at the moment but soon to become small fish again, at least pro tem.


At the other end of the scale the Year 11s and up are facing serious exams.  Gosh, they are put under a lot of pressure these days.  I am sure it was much more relaxed back in my day.  So there are heavy times ahead for them, followed by the relief of completion and extra long holidays.


So the younger ones will need extra containing as they are getting as high as kites.  The older ones need much more gentle and fun activities at youth group to counterbalance the stress of school.  Next on our list of things to do is to play giant monopoly, custom made to include all the roads the youngsters live on.  It gets very competitive and the leaders are the worst!!


And then on 22 May we have the world premiere of the film we have been making which now has a name:  God Squad Resurrected (aka That Wretched Film).  Come and join us at 6.45pm if you would like to see out older youth group in action.  It will be fun!


We walk with the young in our midst and try to be sensitive to where they are at. It’s an exciting journey and there are always surprises along the way.   Who knows what will happen in this long term.


Susie Walker

Group Youth Worker