Reordering - again!

We are now 3 months into the works for the Reordering project and things are progressing.  There have been a few obstacles to get round!  No floors and no toilets are minor problems, as the workers have removed at least 30 skips worth of debris, and unearthed a number of hidden objects in their digging. 


We intend an open evening in July to enable the congregation to view the progress; and by that time there will be a new stone floor with heating underneath, although at that time of year we won't need it switched on!  Meanwhile there are some photos of work so far on the Church Buildings part of our website. 


New chairs and other furniture are  being planned in time for our return to church in September, hopefully without too many hitches!  Just in time for the grand Reopening by Bishop David on Sunday 2nd October. 


But what then? 


By that time we will have had an 'away morning' on Saturday 16th July to look at our patterns and styles of worship, so who knows - there may be new developments to come there too.  


With a newly reordered, more flexible and welcoming church building then we have a great new opportunity to move forward in our vision for the future of Holy Trinity.  Let's hope we are all ready to take that challenge and together respond accordingly.