The Hope of Easter

This Sunday we celebrate Easter, the day when we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus, the day that gives us the hope of eternal life after death.  A wonderful day, full of joy and the promise of new life.  At Easter Christians celebrate the reality of the Empty Tomb and the Resurrection of Jesus. 


On Good Friday just two days ago we were in mourning remembering that Jesus had died on the Cross and his body placed in a tomb.  His first disciples had fled, their hopes and dreams shattered.  But the events of that first Easter Day turned defeat into victory.  The reality of the empty tomb and the Resurrection of Jesus changed history. 


Going to the Tomb some of the followers of Jesus discovered that the stone at the entrance to the tomb had been rolled away and that the tomb was empty.  Jesus was alive and met and spoke to his disciples; Jesus had been resurrected to a new life; he had defeated death. 


We are two thousand years from the events of the first Easter Day, and the resurrection is such a singular experience, and so removed from our normal lives, that it may seem unreal.  But, for a moment, reflect on the reactions of the first disciples.  


On Good Friday they were beaten, demoralised, and in hiding from the authorities.  On Easter Day they were changed people, confident, empowered by the reality of the resurrection of Jesus.  With confidence in the resurrection and faith in the power of Jesus they took the words of Jesus to the world.  Those first disciples lived the rest of their lives with purpose, faith and hope.  We pray that we too may follow their example.


Paul Duckers