How's it going?



A month has passed since we moved out of church to allow the contractors to get on with the re-ordering work.  So how’s it going?


We’ve emptied the ground floor of the church, and put everything into storage.  We’ve found homes for the choir/chancel organ and almost all the pews.  The contractors have moved in.  They’ve set up their site, removed the timber floors and ... well, they are hard at work and getting on with it.


Meanwhile ... we’ve moved into the Trinity Centre and are holding all our services there.  The atmosphere feels different – but good.  We’re slowly working out how best to use the space for worship.  And maybe we’re learning lessons as to how we might do things when we return to the church.


A month has passed.  There are fewer than eight months to go.  So how’s it going?  It’s going very well!