At last, the wait is over!


For over 10 years, the congregation, and PCC of Holy Trinity have been working towards re-ordering the church building.  It’s been a long haul, but at last the moment has arrived – the re-ordering work is about to start. 

Last Sunday (27th December) we held our last service in church for the time being.   The contractors will arrive on site on Monday 4th January.  But even though the church building will be closed for the next 9 months, whilst the work is being done, the church will go on.   All our services will be held as usual – but they’ll be taking place in the Trinity Centre.   It will be a little different to what we’re used to – but it will be still be church.  

We’ve spent the last week preparing.  The church has been cleared.  Things we won’t need for the duration of the work have been stored; things we will need have been moved to accessible places in the Centre; a few things have been disposed of.   And with that week of hard work from a number of us, we’re pretty much ready!

So, at last, the wait is over.  Plans are finally to be put into action.  These are exciting times!