The Christmas Journey


What does Christmas Day mean to you?  


For many people it must seem like the end of a long journey.  After weeks of intensive shopping, presents have been bought and wrapped, pantries and freezers stocked with food.  A tremendous amount of time and effort will have been spent on the journey of preparation for the Christmas Day celebration.  And after the end of that journey?  Hopefully there’s the opportunity for the rewards of peace and quiet – if only for a short space of time.   


It is not quite like that for Christians.  Christmas Day is seen not as the end of a journey but as the beginning of one.  Christians have been preparing for the start of that journey in the four weeks before Christmas, the time we call Advent. We have been thinking about the great gifts of Christian life, of hope, peace, love, joy and light; and the opportunities and responsibilities that those gifts present us with.     


On Christmas Day we will welcome the gift from God of the Christ child, give thanks for him, and then start our journey.  The Christian journey is one of demonstrating to the world that the gifts of Christianity, hope, peace, love, joy and light are essential to all humanity.  Each Christmas Day we start our journey anew, each Christmas Day is a reminder of our responsibility to share those gifts with all people.


Be with us on Christmas Day, join us on our journey of faith, come and welcome Jesus Christ the light and hope of the world.


Paul Duckers