All change

2016 is going to be ‘interesting’ for the people of Holy Trinity – it will be a time of transition and change. 

PCC has made the final decision on whether to go ahead with re-ordering the church building.  We don't quite have the funds to do everything we plan, but can do most of it.  So the work  starts at the beginning of January, and it will continue till the middle of August.  At the end of December we will vacate the church, and for 8 months we will hold our services in the Trinity Centre.

Any funerals (and one wedding) during the closure will be transferred to neighbouring churches.  But otherwise church services will carry on as usual – the only difference will be which building they happen in!

It won’t be easy trying to fit the needs of the church congregation in with the needs of those who hire the Trinity Centre for their meetings, and all with temporarily reduced car parking space.  I’m sure that from time to time things won’t run as smoothly as we’d like and tempers will fray.  We all need to show patience, understanding, forbearance, acceptance, forgiveness – in short, grace.  We all need to show to each other that we are genuinely part of one body in Christ.

By September we should be returning to a renewed church building.  It will have better access, better light and heat, better toilets, a new refreshment area and small rooms.  And the altar will be moved forward to a position where we can sense that God truly is in the midst of us as we meet together.

The crowning moment will be at the start of October, when we will welcome Bishop David to a service of celebration as we formally re-open the church.

So 2016 will be an ‘interesting’ year.  A year of change - for the church  building and those who use it.