Harvest - October 2015

As a small boy the countryside was my natural playground. Memory tells me that school holidays were spent with friends exploring the fields and woods, from early morning to early evening, and no one seemed to worry where we were or what we did.

One of our summer holiday activities was helping with harvesting the crops at one of the local farms. Well perhaps not helping very much but certainly enjoying ourselves, as we tried to stack the corn sheaves onto a horse drawn wagon. How different to the harvesting of today, as great combine harvesters make their noisy way across enormous fields, hedgerows long since torn down.


A very different world and yet the tradition of Harvest Festivals in our Churches to celebrate the harvest continues. On Sunday 10th October we shall gather in Holy Trinity to give thanks for the harvest and offer gifts of food which will distributed later in the week throughout the Parish. 

The Harvest Festival reminds us of the natural world, a world full of resources for humanity. But increasingly it is a world in which we seem to use those resources unwisely. Global warming may be a contentious issue, but there are ominous signs of mankind’s activities being the cause.

Our Harvest Festival prayers will be for the blessing of the harvest and for all that been provided for us by our creator God. We will remind ourselves of our responsibility to the world and our responsible use of its resources.   

Paul Duckers