Summer's end

It’s that time of year again when we are nearly at the end of the school summer holidays and thoughts are turning to the new academic school year.  For most youngsters it will be a time of transition: some will be starting nursery or school for the first time; some will be changing schools and will go from being the oldest and biggest to being the youngest and smallest.  Some older young people will be venturing away from home for the first time to attend University.  What changes they face! 

I guess that for each child and young person a new year can be quite scary as they enter unfamiliar situations and maybe for us professionals who are at the other end of the process; offering clubs, lessons, etc in a continuing and stable way, the experience is a little different.  It isn’t US who have to deal with the changes, just to manage the change for others.

A few weeks ago I went walking in the Malvern Hills with some good friends.  Normally, one does not look at a hill and walk straight up the side to the top.  Normally one zigzags one’s way up; back and forth, back and forth, getting a bit higher each time.  Whilst we climbed one hill, I took a photo each time we went up a level.  It was interesting looking at the same view from a slightly higher place each time.  It was the same but different. 

And so it is with how we engage with the younger members of our church family, especially at this time of year:  it is always the same but at the same time it is always different.  It is always another ‘beginning’ and we thank God for that as we plan for the new term.