Pastoral Visiting - and Training

A Christian life is very often described as a journey and our milestones are to begin with Baptism and Confirmation. As we continue to travel on our journey of faith we begin to appreciate the joys and responsibilities of our faith. We begin to know the love that Jesus has for us and become eager to share that love with others.


At Holy Trinity one of the ways we share that love of Jesus is in visiting the sick and housebound, those who can no longer join in our regular Sunday worship at Church. On the surface pastoral visiting seems to be deceptively simple, a phone call, a visit, some conversation and much listening; all very much part of being human.

However, to use popular jargon, “best practice” demands that we make our visitors aware of the possible problems arising from visiting people in their own homes or Care Homes. 

The Diocese of Birmingham currently offer training sessions for all those who exercise a pastoral ministry and earlier this year some of our Visitors attended a “Safeguarding Adults” course. The aim of the course was to give greater awareness of what constitutes good and bad practice in visiting; it was greatly welcomed by all who attended.


We will continue our training this year with a focus on Dementia awareness. The training will be under the auspices of the Alzheimer’s Society and will give a better understanding about how we can make a difference to the lives of those living with dementia.


Our Pastoral Visitors will continue to visit and to train, please pray for them as they continue their work.

Paul Duckers