Mobile phones

Mobile Phones!    Love them or hate them they are certainly around in abundance and me thinks they are here to stay.   I can hardly remember life without them now and I know they have a lot of good uses but there are lots of things I don’t ‘get’ about them. 

Things like how someone could possibly want to send 1000 texts a month; or why there seem to be no boundaries on what it is acceptable to film; or how people can be present to an event if they are watching it through a camera lens; or how it has become a priority to many people who don’t earn much to have an expensive phone in an expensive contract - how does that work?

Brendan O’Carroll was on Room 101 a few months ago and he put ‘people who don’t know how to use their mobile phones’ into Room 101.   I hate to admit it but  I might be one of those people as my phone does a lot more than I know about but I want to qualify what he said and add ‘people who don’t know how to use their mobile phones wisely.’ 

Phones have been a bit of an issue in the younger youth group this term.  Some of them have them and some of them are sensible with them, but some of them are being really silly with them.  But how do you learn unless you have a phone entrusted to you to learn with?  Who teaches you?  Some people would like me to ban them but I personally feel that the youth group is a good place for them to learn how to be wise with their phones even though allowing their use is a harder option for us. 

It is too easy these days to get yourself in deep water with mobile phones and especially social media sites.  I would like to feel that our club plays a small part in helping youngsters to learn how to be wise.   But think of us as we leaders try to find a good way through as it ain’t easy!

Susie W