Wardens Blog

The start of another year of service!

Ros and I have just returned from the Archdeacon’s visitation this week.. This is the time when we get admitted to our roles as Churchwardens. It was good to also feel the support on the night of 2 veteran ex-Wardens Colin and Carole as well as all our 4 other halves! 

The new Archdeacon of Aston Simon Heathfield gave a very passionate and uplifting address, which encouraged us all in our continuing journey of faith and in particular highlighted the important ministry role not only of Churchwardens but of all those performing roles within the church. He stressed that all ministries were important.

The office of Archdeacon is ancient and became regularised in England around 1066, so a lot older than Ros and me. Around one thousand years later -in 2015- their visitations to the parish are to support and encourage the mission and ministry of God’ church. So as part of that we, as Churchwardens, have to answer questions on our stewardship, which can range from subjects such as regular attendances to the church drains, or in our case Reordering!

So rest assured, along with other Churchwardens for other churches in the Sutton Coldfield Deanery,  Ros and I were both admitted for Holy Trinity and given our staves- apparently useful as we have to keep order and decency in the church, especially during services!!

We all gave thanks for our shared ministry together! And with our Archdeacon’s support we felt encouraged and left with a renewed spirit for another year of service!