The whole picture

The other day I bought a jigsaw from a charity shop.  Lovely picture of St Michael’s Mount in Cornwall and I was half pondering whether I might even mount and frame it after I had done it.  However, when I opened the box to start doing it I made the unwelcome discovery that there were no outside edge pieces in the box at all.  Obviously the previous owner had done what a number of people do; put all the outside edges in a separate bag and forgotten to put the bag in the box.  Such a pity.  I did ask at the charity shop, just in case they had them but they don’t so the puzzle will just have to go in the bin.

The members of one of our youth groups are currently making a film.  It is such good fun and we are having lots of laughs making it but it is a bit like doing a jigsaw without any outside pieces, or indeed, without much of a picture either.  We don’t have a clear idea of what the end result will look like, or where the boundaries might be.  We just have lots of ideas and energy and, dare I say it, talent.   We are feeling our way forward week by week, take by take and seeing where it takes us.  If you are lucky, you MIGHT just get the opportunity to see the finished result at some point but I shouldn’t hold your breath:  we have been working on this project for a few months now and so far, the only nearly-edited-and-fit-to-use content totals 54 seconds!  Watch this space!

Susie Walker

Group Youth Worker