Re-ordering: we're so close now!

We are now in the closing stages of our 12 month campaign to raise the funds for our re-ordering scheme.  The job isn’t yet done - we need to keep pushing to ensure that we can get our re-ordering work done.  But it’s gone extremely well so far. 

We’ve done well enough that we are now able to start the process of offering the contract for the re-ordering work for tender.  Later this year PCC will consider the tenders we receive and then look to move on to the actual re-ordering, which is planned for early 2016. 

Looking back, it seems an age ago when we started to discuss the fundraising – my involvement in this preparation began in 2012.  So it’s been a 3 year process, and I and many others have put a tremendous amount of work and effort into this.  But not as much as John, our Rector – he’s been working on re-ordering in some way or other during the whole period of his (so far) 9 years at Holy Trinity.  

In fact the plans for re-ordering go back even further than that.  It was part of the original idea when the Trinity Centre was created.  It’s over 20 years ago that we in the church started this!  I’m sure that we are all delighted that after so long we can now see our goal in sight!

But we can’t reach our goal without spending money. Indeed we’ve already spent a lot with the Architects – drawing up the re-ordering design & obtaining the necessary approvals (not an easy task I assure you) – and also on Compton’s help with the fundraising campaign.

As I said earlier, we have secured a tremendous amount so far, and that’s wonderful.  But we aren’t there yet – we still need further funds to make this vision a reality by 2016.  Please remember that every little helps!

If I was an optimist I would be planning the celebratory opening of the re-ordered church building now!  If I was a pessimist then I would throw the towel in now and blame everyone else.  But I am a realist, and that means I understand that we can do this – but that it will take our continued effort and determination to succeed for the remainder of this year, together with prayer of course!

Will you join me in this?

Mike Somers, Campaign Coordinator