Changing weather

There is a card in the shops that depicts two nuns in full habit.  One is asking the other “What are YOU going to wear tomorrow?” 

As an ex nun I can tell you it really isn’t as simple as that as most extra clothes are worn UNDER the habit and aren’t, therefore, easy to take on and off should the temperature change.  So nuns must be having a hard time at the moment as our weather is veering between being very mild and very cold on almost a daily basis and sometimes within a couple of hours. 

Sometimes our work with children and young people feels a little bit like that ...

One day it seems clear what we should be doing, with whom and where we are going and then something happens and we have to think again!  It certainly keeps me on my toes and it can be a bit scary:  anything that is consistent definitely makes for an easier life. 

Changing situations can be unsettling but there is also a positive side:  change can be exciting and bring growth and benefits that are unexpected and which could not have happened in a stable and safe environment.  So although a quiet life sometimes seems desirable, as long as we can see God’s hand in all the ups and downs then all is well. 

When it seems our way forward is blocked then the film ‘The Sound of Music’ has a line in it, spoken by Maria, who was from a Convent:  “When the Lord closes a door, somewhere he opens a window.”  So whether it is hot or cold, bumpy or smooth, we will journey on with God and see where he leads.

Susie Walker

Group Youth Worker