Sharing the Harvest


This Sunday we have our Harvest Thanksgiving Service.  We will be thanking God for everything that is given to us in creation, all that sustains our life. 


I remember, a few years ago, someone phoned me up to complain after I’d written something like that in our magazine.  Basically he said that God didn’t give him anything – all he had was the product of his own hard work.  Well, I said, I’m sorry but that isn’t how I see things at all.  Our work would be of no value whatsoever if it weren’t for the raw materials given by God.  


And God didn’t provide those raw materials for the use of any individual person or group – God gave them for all of us to use.  Throughout the bible we are reminded that we should be caring for the poor amongst us; that we should be sharing the gifts of creation generously, not gathering them up and keeping them to ourselves.


We live in difficult economic times.  Even here in relatively well-off Sutton Coldfield there are people who are struggling, in the face of government spending cuts.  Those who are coping in these times are called on by God to help those who are not.


On Sunday people will bring gifts of food to the service to say their own personal ‘thank you’ to God.  As we have done for the last few years, we will pass those gifts to the food bank run by our friends at Sutton Coldfield Baptist Church – and they will ensure the gifts go to those who need them.


God’s creation, and the Harvest we gather from it, is meant to be enjoyed and shared by us all; haves and have-nots alike.