Summer's end

They say that time flies when you are enjoying yourself but I can report that this summer is flying by even though I, as the Youth Worker, do not (contrary to popular belief) get the school holidays off and therefore have been working. 


Not that work isn’t  enjoyable most of the time of course, but it is alarming how little time there is left before clubs restart and how much more planning I wish I had got done but haven’t.  


This is the time of year when young people find out their exam results and see whether their dreams for the future can be realised or not.  They have lots of choices to make and lots of new things to face. Several in CYG, our youth group for secondary school young people, will be leaving us for University.


Another group of kids that have a lot of new things to face are the ones starting secondary school.  It is so funny to see them in Year 6, the oldest in the school and confident of their status and then to see them in Year 7, the youngest and smallest in the school with oversized uniforms and shyness abounding. 


It doesn’t last though!  Soon they will find their feet and shoot up to be teenagers.  We will journey with a lot of these young people through JCYG, our Friday night youth club, and watch, with interest, where their lives take them. 


In the meantime, I must get back to my planning or there won’t be any clubs at all!



Susie Walker