Holy Trinity Matters


Life is just a series of ups and downs these days!


The fundraising campaign is well underway and there are quite a number of people involved. And they have busy lives too! Nowadays the summer holidays seem to stretch from the end of May to the beginning of October. No - not my own holiday - although we certainly did get a month’s break which was great.


One minute we have a bit of disappointment and the next a bit of good news. The challenges continue but our team is focussed on doing our best to turn these into positive success. For the achievement of our vision and the benefit of us all!


As I write I have just finished drafting our monthly congregation newsletter - “Holy Trinity Matters” – this is the 5th edition where John and I have provided further details on a particular aspect of the Reordering and also given a monthly update on our fundraising efforts. The totals have been gradually growing and we have now reached a significant milestone!


With our internal Congregation and Electoral Roll phase we have reached over £209k – wonderful so far. That’s the good news; but the disappointment is that we need to get to £300k and there is little time left if we are to avoid delay to our other phases. So keep praying that the responses will now come in as soon as possible.


Meanwhile on a totally different subject - I wonder when Christmas starts as I see the first shop has opened its Xmas section!!


Mike Somers, Campaign Co-ordinator