Summer - children's groups



Over the school summer holidays our Sunday morning groups for children continue, but we join the groups together - so children aged from 3 to 16 can be working together on a series of collages to be displayed in church.


Over the last few summers our themes have included animals in the Bible, parables and creation. This year we’ve chosen a slightly different theme ...

Jesus, as recorded in John’s Gospel, made seven statements beginning ‘I am’, so we’ve chosen to illustrate these. They range from those that can be easily interpreted in artwork such as ‘I am the Good Shepherd’ and ‘I am the True Vine’, to ideas that are a little bit harder to display in collage form such as ‘I am the Way, the Truth and the Life’. I am sure that our children and leaders will, as always, come up with some fantastic ideas on how to turn these statements into art. We use the choir vestry at the back of church as our meeting room.


Any children, whether regulars or visitors, are very welcome to join us for these groups, which run from 20th July to 31st August. The groups meet in the choir vestry. On the 10th August the services includes a baptism - the children will still go to the group but they will come back into church for the actual baptism so won’t miss a thing - in fact they get the best view as they usually watch this part from the top of the steps right by the font!


Congregation members not quite young enough to qualify for the children’s groups should look out for these collages which will be displayed around church after the services.


Liz Petley