This weekend is it.

This weekend is it.  There is nothing, absolutely nothing, that comes close to it in the Christian faith. 


On Good Friday we witness the depths of despair.  Jesus is deserted by his friends; he is tried and executed; he experiences what it is to feel the absence of God.  We hear the story, feel guilt, and share in the despair ourselves.

Jesus is taken down from the cross, and laid in a tomb.  And on Saturday all is quiet, all is still .  The world around us moves on like nothing has happened, but we stop; we wait.  For something ... anything.


And then it is Easter Sunday, and we wake to joy.  Something new has happened.  Life conquers death, love conquers hatred, joy conquers despair.  Christ has been raised.  God is with us after all, (s)he has been all along. 


As I say, this weekend is it.  This is what our faith is founded on, this sequence of events.  Please come along and join us in the celebration.