Holy Week Reflection

Our Christian life is sometimes described as a journey; a journey on which we are supported by our hope of life eternal and our faith in Jesus Christ. Holy Week is perhaps understood as a journey in itself. We begin Holy Week with the sounds and sights of a victorious Jesus Christ riding into Jerusalem, but end with him dying on the cross and being placed in the tomb. Victory has turned into despair, hope into death.


During Holy Week we have an opportunity to reflect on the life and death of Jesus Christ as we read or listen to the Gospel story. In services on Maundy Thursday we are reminded that Jesus Christ came to earth as a servant and not as an all powerful King. The Gospel tells us that Jesus washed the feet of his Disciples as a sign of his servant status; we are reminded that Christians are to be the servants of others. It is in service that we find our God.


On Good Friday the congregations of the churches in central Sutton Coldfield will meet together, and walk in silent witness through the streets. We walk to testify to the ultimate sacrifice that Jesus made because of the love of God for humanity. And then we wait, we wait in hope of the resurrection and in its promise of eternal life. We wait in the knowledge that we are loved by Jesus. We wait for the glory of Easter Day.


Paul Duckers