Ordinand's Blog

We have now broken up from college for the Easter holidays… However, I’m not sure how much of a break I’ll get – I have piles of books staring at me ready to write my final assignments. The one I’m tackling now is how feminist theology has helped to inform women about their calling to priesthood. It was particularly poignant therefore to hear John speaking of God as Mother in yesterday’s sermon. I have to admit to being completely won over by feminist theologians since I began training. It will be an exciting challenge to weave my newly formed theology into my ministry.


After Easter we have a 4 week block called ‘Bridging into Ministry’. During these weeks we will learn the practicalities of being an ordained member of clergy. The hardest sessions will certainly be those in which we learn how to conduct a funeral. I’m sure however that this part of my ministry will bring the most blessings. If I’m honest, I don’t think I’ve fully got my head around how I will stop myself crying along with those who mourn! I will have to rely on God to guide me.

Although it’s exciting to have the end of training in my sights it also means it’s nearly time to go. My curacy will be in the parish of Coleshill. I already have a bit of a head start since I did my 3 month placement there last summer. It’s going to be tough to leave Holy Trinity; it’s been my spiritual home for almost 11 years! However, in that time I’ve made many, many wonderful friends - they won’t be able to get rid of me that easily.


So, it’s getting closer… My ordination stole arrived on Thursday, I’m collecting my robes & clerical shirts on Saturday and I’ve received all the information for my pre-ordination retreat (at which I apparently have to remain silent!)


Being an Ordinand is an exciting, challenging, roller-coaster of a journey, but I wouldn’t have missed a moment!