The Warden's Blog

Another busy week! It’s a busy world and most people live a busy life. But let’s not lose sight of how we can make it better by giving more of our time and talents!


I’ve never been one to give up something for Lent but do try and give something extra for Lent. How about we all give up some of our spare time for Lent? Our church is clearly the sum of all the parts and we can grow stronger if people echo that approach. People help in different ways and if we are able to incorporate the wide range of people’s time and talents available then how much better our church would become.

We have the dedication of our clergy and those on the PCC, and those who have volunteered to do lots of different roles to keep the church, its groups and the Trinity Centre running. Our many thanks to all those volunteers who have given of their time and talents for the wider good.


I never cease to be amazed by the contributions and efforts made by a wide range of people but Pareto would say that 80% of the effort is done by only 20% of people. Think about our success if we can get more out of the other 80%! Perhaps for Lent we can all give up that bit of apathy, lethargy and complacency. If only everyone did just one extra thing. If only we had more volunteers things would be a lot easier all round. There’s plenty needs doing so make a choice that suits you!


So think not what you can give up for Lent, but what can you give extra for Lent…. and beyond- hopefully!


Now back to those Rotas!


Mike Somers