Ordinand's Blog

I've just worked out that I have only 9 weeks left at college and only 13 weeks of training! Time has flown by; it feels like just a few short weeks ago when John announced in church that I had been accepted for training. It was actually over 2 years ago.


Yesterday was quite a milestone in my training when I went to a clerical clothing event at Queen’s and tried on my first collar. I was surprised at how anxious I felt about putting one on but once I’d plucked up the courage, I looked in the mirror and it wasn’t nearly as weird as I had thought it might be.

The event turned out to be a really enjoyable experience which I got to share with the friends I have made whilst training at Queen’s. We all started off feeling a little self-conscious but by the end we were trying on all kinds of shirts, t-shirts and even hoodies. (I have to admit, I didn’t order a hoodie!)


Our tutors have asked of us regularly over the past few weeks, “What will be different about you after ordination?” Yes, I be wearing a collar and dress slightly differently during a church service but I will still be Becky – wife, mum, daughter, sister and friend.


Through ordination I will have the honour of serving people in the name of Jesus Christ and of sharing in the highlights and hardest times of people’s lives. Being a Priest isn’t just about the clothes we wear; it is about being present.


Becky Stephens