Week of Prayer for Christian Unity

Christianity has as its heart the two Great Commandments that Jesus Christ gave us: to worship God, and to love one another. I believe that if those two Commandments were truly followed then selfishness and greed would be defeated; famine, oppression and warfare would disappear. The precepts of Christianity have the power to change our world; indeed there are around the world about 2 billion Christians about one third of the world’s population. However, tragically we are a divided community, being split into many traditions; principally Roman Catholic, Protestant and Orthodox.

Unity is an ideal for which Christians long for. One of the Prayers in our Anglican Daily Prayer Cycle asks “That the Church may discover again that unity which is the Father’s will.” Working and praying for Christian unity was initially started over a century ago to try to draw together the Anglican and Roman Catholic Churches. Since then it has come to include all branches of the Christian faith across the world. During the coming week Christians of all denominations will join together in acts of prayer and worship, praying that the way to unity under Jesus Christ will be found.


Here in Sutton Coldfield there will be a Service for Christian Unity at Duke Street Church on Sunday 19th January at 6.30pm where members of all the Sutton Central Churches will gather; please pray with us or for us as we continue travel on our road to unity.


Paul Duckers