New Year Youth News

The New Year is often viewed as a time to reflect upon the past year and the year to come; to take stock as it were. As the Youth Worker I have been doing the same, thinking about the youth work that I am involved with across the Group. There is much to be thankful for, along with a few regrets and lessons to learn.


It is easy to list different clubs and events, how many people were at them and if they were enjoyed or not. It is easy to measure success by things we can see. What is not so easy is spotting what God has been doing ‘behind the scenes’ as it were; where he has touched a young life, where something has impacted on a family completely unbeknown to any of us, or where seeds have been planted which will, one day far in the future, come to fruition.

Discerning where God is leading the youth work becomes much harder if we look beneath surface indicators but it also becomes a much deeper way of seeking to follow our faithful God wherever he leads. Much of God’s touch is secret, hidden work which needs silence, stillness and good listening to fathom out.


The youngsters with whom I/we have had contact are all unique individuals who are so interesting to get to know and it is a delight to watch them grow up. Similarly, the people who give of their time to help run groups are so generous and enthusiastic and I am so grateful for all they do. So, as we seek to follow where God is leading throughout 2014, our companions for the journey make it exciting and all worthwhile.


Susie Walker

Group Youth Worker