This Sunday is the first one of the Church season that is called Advent; four weeks of expectation and preparation for the birth of Jesus Christ on Christmas Day. As we live and pray through the days of Advent it is a time to think about how the birth of Jesus affects each one of us. Will the celebration of the birth of Jesus change us? For many of us our Christian hopes become crystallised in the birth of the Christ child; we long for the message of peace and forgiveness that he promises. We long for unity amongst the nations, an end to war and conflict, relief to the sick and suffering and the spread of God’s universal love.

Christian expectations of the Christ child are never ending; Christians live out their lives with a sense of hope. In Advent we may well be drawn into thinking about what God expects of us. Those expectations of God are perhaps best expressed in the two great Commandments that Jesus gave us. “To love God with all our hearts and souls and minds” and “To love one another as we love ourselves.” so very easy to say and so very hard to follow.


It is through praying and working through these two commandments that our own expectations and God’s will be fulfilled. We cannot be passive Christians; as Christians we are meant to struggle and try to change that which is wrong in society. For it is by pointing out the injustices in society that our hopes resting in the birth of the Christ Child will be fulfilled.


Paul Duckers