A Warden's Lot

Having now been a Churchwarden for 18 months I feel like one of a great team in helping run our church. The Churchwarden is elected by the parish at our PCC each year and is an officer of the Bishop. Churchwardens have formal responsibilities to fulfil under Canon law. One of these duties is to "maintain order and decency in the church and churchyard, especially during services”... so be warned! And we get a staff; that is a piece of wood with a crown or mitre on the top which is used on ceremonial occasions like when the Bishop comes. There are normally 2 Churchwardens in a church and Colin, who was elected a few years earlier, and I are ably helped by our Deputy Wardens: Carole, Peter, David and Roger, who between them have “decades” of experience so we could not go wrong even if we wanted!

One of the important duties to undertake is to ensure the church building is set up each week for services so they can run smoothly - hopefully!


A vital aspect is rotas and I look after the Stewards one. Our Stewards mainly help at the 10am service with things like welcoming, handing out service sheets, etc. and undertaking the collection. Our list for this essential role needs some more persons to volunteer themselves to add their names to this rota for either the 10am service and/or midday Baptisms. Perhaps this will happen soon. It would certainly make the Warden’s job a little easier!


Wardens’ duties can be wide ranging and last weekend for example included:


  • Ensuring things ran smoothly at the Saturday wedding administered by our Curate Paul. Usually a very joyful experience all round! But it can get a bit tense and frustrating if the bridal party is late arriving especially if there is another wedding following. However, this one was at 4.30pm so they had no excuse to be late! And everything went like clockwork.
  • Setting up for our early Communion service at 8am followed by our main Communion service at 10am on Sunday and this follows a well rehearsed checklist. It needs to as I am not at my best having to open up the church at 7.30am and it feels a bit lonely until the vicar arrives!
  • Making a presentation on our Reordering plans to 80+ people over a lunch session and my fellow Warden Colin was in charge of the excellent food. With our Rector John delivering a thoughtful sermon you can see the teamwork was superb!


Well I can’t go on with this now as I need to pop up to the church to check if the heating is ok; we can’t have a cold church now can we - that would never do!


Mike Somers