The Trinity Centre

I recently took over the chair of the Trinity Centre Management Committee. We have been affected by the recession so business use has been down over the last few years, but there has been an increase recently, a good time to take over! The Trinity Centre was opened on 11th May 1995 and replaced our old church hall. It was designed by architect and member of our congregation Donald Groves, who recently passed away. It perfectly blends in and you would think it had always been there. When looked at from the church it appears to be quite a small building, but inside it is more like the ‘Tardis’, covering two floors and a basement for storage.


The room on the ground floor is carpeted and more like a hotel. It is frequently used by local businesses, various groups within the NHS, community groups and of course for church functions. The lower ground floor is more like a school hall and primarily used by children's uniformed groups and our youth groups.

The Trinity Centre is more than just a church hall, but it couldn't function without volunteers. There are a small team of them that see to the needs of the various clients that use the building. Making coffee, washing up, answering the phone, taking bookings etc. We can always do with more!


The Centre is great for meetings of all sizes because the large Trinity Suite can be sub divided into smaller rooms when needed. The Social Committee use half the room once a month for film club and for many events, such as the Re-ordering launch Sunday lunch on 29th September, where we are doing a full roast dinner for the congregation (including Yorkshire pudding for John). They are also holding a Quiz on Saturday 12th October with a Fish & Chip Supper to raise funds towards a plumbed in water boiler for the kitchen.


Colin Ingley