Start of a New School Year

The start of another school year has arrived. The uniform shops have been filled to capacity, children have reverted to early nights and photographs of immaculately dressed children in their new uniforms have appeared on our Facebook feed. As the children arrive in school with their newly filled pencil cases, they are bursting with renewed energy after a 6 week break. The teachers are also thoroughly refreshed and ready to get to know a new year-group of children.


There is a lot to be said about having a break and starting afresh. If we don't rest how can we keep going? This is what Sabbath is - a break, a rest. Sabbath is time to stop and reflect on everything that happens in our busy lives, and to thank God for all the blessings we have. Without Sabbath it is hard to see the good.

My Nan used to say that change is as good as a rest and at Holy Trinity this summer we have done just that. Each Sunday, instead of going off to their separate groups, the children came together during the 10am service for ‘Summer Sundays’. The sessions focused on parables and at the end of the service the congregation were asked to guess which parable was displayed in the children's art work. It wasn't always easy as many were the lesser known parables but we got there... You can find photos of the children's creativities on our Facebook page. Can you guess which parables they represent?


I’m lucky this year, my term doesn’t start for another couple of weeks. I’m using the time to catch up with friends, family and some books I’ve been desperate to read. I hope that you have had some time to sit back and reflect this summer.