Are Holidays relaxing?

How was your Summer Holiday this year? What did you do and where did you go? Holidays it appears can now be taken anywhere in the world, and with a multitude of purposes; sightseeing, walking, boating and visiting relatives being just some of them. Whatever you did, I hope you enjoyed the relaxing time that holidays are meant to be.


My question about holidays is this: do we find our holidays really relaxing? It sometimes appears that for example there is a lot of stress just in travelling to and from our holidays. Additional stress in our lives is the last thing we need. Our lives are now much too busy; the startling progress made in information technology means that we are available to our friends and employers every hour of the day. We build stress into our lives.

 Is it time for holidays to become days or weeks when we just switch off from our normal lives? Do we need to switch off our mobile phone, to leave the laptop unattended, and to ignore the papers, television and radio?


I am reminded that in many countries holidays or Holy Days were designed to observe certain religious Festivals such as Easter or Christmas. Normal working activity was suspended and there was time for relaxation. I am not suggesting that religion observance should be the sole object of our holidays but rather that we learn a lesson from the past. There needs to be a place in our lives for peace and quiet; a time to think. Holidays can be stress free; why not just read, walk or just be idle!


 Paul Duckers