Children's Summer Sundays

Summer has finally arrived… Rockets, our group for children over 8, had their session outside this morning whilst they wrote hymns together under the shade of the trees. The sun reminds us that the school summer holidays are nearly here.


Throughout the summer break Sparklers and Rockets will come together each Sunday during the 10am service to create a project to be displayed in church. Past summers have seen displays of the seven days of Creation and of the animals found in the Bible. This year the sessions will focus on some of the parables told by Jesus.


Jesus used parables to teach about God and about life. These short stories helped listeners understand about the Kingdom of God. Also, the imagery within the parables enabled people to relate Jesus’ teachings to everyday life.


During the Sundays of the summer holiday the children will gather together to learn a parable each week. After hearing the story they will have a chance to discuss what Jesus might have meant by telling the parable. They will then create a 3 dimensional display which will eventually go up in church. At the end of each service the children will present their creations to the congregation. The test then comes as the children ask the congregation to guess which one they think they have been learning about (I’d better brush up on my knowledge now).


All children are welcome to our Sunday Groups this summer, or indeed any time. You can turn up for one Sunday or for all Sundays. We very much hope to see you there.