Youth Matters

Well we are heading for the end of the school year so the youngsters are into exams and then the inevitable ‘high’ as the countdown to their long summer holidays gains momentum. Club nights can be pretty lively as a result but it is all good natured. We leaders know we have been there though!


Clubs stop for the summer and for me that means a chance to turn round twice. I will have a big sort out of all our gear, finally putting things back in their right place and replacing worn and broken items. Then my attention will turn to planning and preparation for the next term. I use the summer to reflect upon what we have and will do, and on how our thinking should change as the work with children and young people unfolds and evolves. We must always try and sense God’s leading for the future.

But that is all for few week’s time and before then we will have 30+ children to welcome at JCYG and the older group, CYG, have a day trip and a BBQ to plan alongside our usual sessions which will include a very manic and fun messy church for teenagers run by 2 of our members who are leaving in July. Apparently, lavish amounts of whipped cream will be involved! (Ooh, I can sense the angst rising amongst the people who have responsibility for the Trinity Centre! Mess? Teenagers? Whipped cream? Well don’t worry, people, because that session of our Group -run youth group is NOT being held at HT). Anyhow, with all this excitement ahead, the summer holidays still seem quite a long way away but when they do come, the chance to take life at a steadier pace will be very welcome.


Susie Walker