Faith in Action

Despite the cold Spring weather my wife and I ventured to other parts of England recently. We visited York and Durham; once there of course a Curate has no option but to visit York Minster and Durham Cathedral. They are both ancient buildings, a visible expression of Christian faith. They are full of intricate webs of masonry, shimmering windows of stained glass, and small side chapels with tapestries and paintings. All created for the enlightenment of the faithful Christian worshipper; words cannot really express the wonder they inspire. The Minster and the Cathedral tower above the surrounding buildings, the bells still call the faithful to prayer, they stand as monuments to our Christian heritage.


What we may wonder are the monuments of our society, how do we express our values? Perhaps it is shopping malls that best encapsulate the values of modern society. Temples to our modern obsession with consumer goods; to have more and more possessions is apparently the fulfilment of modern life.

As Christians we have a choice whether or not to participate in this obsession with wealth and luxury. We may choose to follow the more difficult path of giving rather than buying. In May there is an opportunity to give and so change the lives of the poor in other countries. Christian Aid Week (12th May to 18th May) is a real opportunity to bring an end to poverty around the world. Supporting Christian Aid, changing lives, can be our monument of faith.