The Trinity Centre

The Trinity Centre began as the germ of an idea back in the ‘eighties’ at a congregational Away Day, when we got together to talk about our parish life, aspirations and dreams.


From this conference emerged the fact that people wanted a church centre, which could be used for congregational meetings and social gatherings and that would be an asset to the wider community. We wanted it, and still do, to be a place of Christian welcome to all.


Plans, fund raising and, finally, construction came to fruition and The Trinity Centre opened in 1996.

Since then The Trinity Centre has been regularly used for congregational meetings and parish social gatherings, including, of recent years, a popular monthly Film Club. We have held a number of receptions, following funeral services for members of the congregation and others in the parish. We have also hosted wedding receptions and Drinks and Nibbles’ sessions for wedding guests while the bride and groom were being photographed. There have been regular day conferences including those set up by the diocese, by Marriage Encounter (a Christian organization helping married couples of any age to have a good marriage) and by PODS a Christian charity which aims to counsel abuse survivors. Recently we had a steady attendance, in the centre, at the Group Lent course, and there have been Messy Church sessions on Sunday afternoons. Open House for little children their parents or carers, meets each Wednesday morning. The children enjoy a varied programme of play, songs, a Bible story and a drink.


Our outside bookings, are wide ranging, covering such events as various meetings of the NHS, a regular three day conference for teachers of baby massage and day long bookings by ex–Cathedra teaching 150 to 200 children how to sing. Classes over a period of days for young Japanese students, learning English, have taken place each Spring for a number of years. We have just recently booked in a weekly Kids Let’s Dance session for toddlers, which is proving great fun for the participants.


Regular community bookings, throughout each month, amount to some eight adult groups; these groups having met with us for many years. Brownies, Guides and Scout groups ensure, along with our Group Youth Worker Susie’s Friday night youth group JCYG, that the Centre is used by youth organizations on four out of five evenings of each week.


The Centre is run by Carole, our Parish Administrator, the hub of both the parish and The Trinity Centre. She is helped by a team of Volunteers. Duties are never dull for Volunteers and we are deeply appreciative of all who give of their time whether weekly, monthly or occasionally; sessions are either from 9.00 in the morning until lunchtime or 1.00 until 5.00 in the afternoon. Volunteers are extremely important since Carole could not run the Trinity Centre without their support and encouragement.


Evenings are looked after by Rachel, our Evening Steward, who is on duty for two or three evenings a week, according to the meetings being held. Volunteers look after the other two nights.


We are deeply grateful for all the help we receive from various members of the congregation who have undertaken jobs such as keeping the car park swept and garnished and who ensure, along with the Volunteers, that the kitchen, available for full catering, is maintained to a high standard.