Reactions to a Sermon

What are your usual reactions to a Sermon in Church? Do you feel bored and sleepy, or do you find them interesting and inspiring? During the Ordination Service this question is asked of those to be made priests: “Will you lead Christ’s people in proclaiming his glorious Gospel, so that the good news of salvation may be heard in every place?”


There it is Priests have to give sermons, they have to proclaim the good news; but what is the good news? In Saint Mark’s Gospel Jesus is called the Good News. The message that Jesus brings to us can be summed up in his two great Commandments. We are to worship God and to treat others as we ourselves would wish to be treated.

On Easter Day we celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus and his promise of eternal life. We are given an opportunity to ask this question. How are we to follow those two Commandments? Indeed a Christian life may be described as a journey of understanding of working out what the Good News of Jesus means for us all. There have been some historic milestones in that journey of understanding; understanding that slavery is wrong for instance. The Church of England is currently struggling over the issue of female Bishops. It is yet another historic milestone, as we try to understand that gender cannot be a bar to ministry.


At Easter our journey of understanding the Good News goes on. May the sermons you hear be interesting and perhaps even inspiring.


Paul Duckers, Curate