Trinity Lights Update

Trinity Lights is thriving! When I think back to the idea which stemmed from some of the young adults at Holy Trinity in September 2010, I’m excited by how far we have come. Of course, we still have ‘curry night’ when we descend upon the Bashundora, but we also continue to meet for fellowship in order to build our relationship with God and with one another.


Since we finished the Emmaus Course our sessions have been led by our Group Curate, Phil. Phil has taken our thinking to new levels and introduced us to many new and exciting ideas. Some sessions are Bible study whilst others look at Christian ethics focusing on the things we hear about in the news and all around us.

Trinity Lights also endeavor to provide support to Holy Trinity wherever possible. This weekend we participated in the Marriage Preparation Day. In the afternoon we were split into groups where we were able to talk to the engaged couples and get to know them a little better.


The best thing about Trinity Lights is that fact that all young adults in the congregation are welcome. No knowledge is ever assumed or expected. You can come regularly or you can simply turn up when you are able (even if that is just for curry). Listen out for meeting dates in church or on our Facebook page


So, we have reached our third year... & Trinity Lights is here to stay!