Mothering Sunday ... it's almost here again!

It's been a few years now since my mum died. I wouldn't say that Mothering Sunday was the most important day of the year ... for me or her. But I made sure I gave her a card every year. It seemed important, and I always remembered.


These days my mum isn't around to send a card to, but I'd still like to be able to remember her, thank her for the start she gave me in life. Of course she did all sorts of things ... cooked my meals, washed my clothes, nursed me when I was ill, all the usual stuff. But the thing I remember most is her making me recite my 'times tables'! It's funny what sticks in your mind!

Anyway, even though I have nowhere to send a card, I'll still be remembering my mum this Mothering Sunday - times tables and all. And I hope you will be doing the same. Our mothers may not be perfect, in some cases far from it. But most of us have something to thank our mothers for ... if only with a card!