A Week in the Life of a Youth Worker

One of the plus factors of being the Group Youth Worker is the variety which the work brings. Although there is a certain rhythm to the weeks (e.g. church on Sunday morning, CYG on Sunday evenings, Junior CYG on Fridays), the bits in-between are different from week to week.


I might be in a school taking an assembly or have people to visit, or meetings with different youth workers in both Sutton and the Diocese. I have to fit in my impersonation of a bag lady; going out to buy all the tuck for JCYG and of course, no C of E church would be fit for purpose without the inevitable committee meetings (I for one would be up for giving a meeting-less church a jolly good go though!) The other item that devours my time is planning and preparation for all the above, which takes ages.

This last item can be quite disconcerting, partly because one has to prepare some things so far in advance that one almost can’t imagine it happening when there is so much of real time life to get through first. For instance, I currently am in the midst of planning three services; each at a different Group church, with each church having a different style, different needs and different briefs. Plus I am up to my eyes in preparations for Noah at the end of March. I must admit, I can get a bit confused.


However, somehow it all gets done and when it is not done right, most people are very forgiving. All a metaphor for the Christian life really: Stability is found in God and whatever life throws at us we CAN be sure of his love for us and that he sticks with us throughout it all.


Susie Walker, Group Youth Worker