Music News at Holy Trinity

Following the end of the Christmas and Epiphany seasons with the presentation of Jesus in the temple (Candlemas) just 2 weeks ago, music in the church turns penitential, as we begin Lent.


I remember as a child a feeling of gloom as some of the dirges started up for 40 days, but there is some really beautiful and moving music around now too. So we will include 'How deep the Father's love for us', (previewed at Pancakes and Praise if you were able to go to that!), 'Come and see' and 'A purple robe' as well as traditional favourites of the season like 'It is a thing most wonderful' and 'When I survey'. Also one of my favourites written centuries ago by Phineas Fletcher - 'Drop, drop slow tears'.

If you want fun as well as thoughtfulness, come to quirky 'Captain Noah and his floating zoo' on 24th March (Palm Sunday) at 6.30pm. CYG and a 'Come and sing' choir will take you on one of the best-known journeys in a new way. Prepare to be surprised!


Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Day all bring wonderful opportunities to worship, reflect and sing to the glory of God. Do join us!