The Best School is on Sundays

Hi! I am 10 years old and I have been given the chance to write about my great time in Sparklers and Rockets every Sunday. Sparklers is for children aged 4-7 and Rockets is for the over 7s. Sparklers is on every week and Rockets is on in weeks 1&3 of every month. If you come when Rockets isn’t on you can stay in the service or come and help with the younger ones in Sparklers.


Anyone under the age of 4, come to the corner by the door…! In crèche you can have lots of fun with other younger children. There are teddies, stickle bricks, colouring sheets, jigsaw puzzles and lots more. The great thing about crèche is there is lots of room for your mum and dad to sit with you. There is always another grown up in crèche and sometimes there are older children to help too.

The second song in the service is especially for children. You can come to the front and play an instrument but if you are shy feel free to bring your mum or dad out with you. Then we go to our groups. In Sparklers we hear a Bible story and then do lots of interesting and fun things about the passage you have heard. Sometimes you can take your creation home or it will go up in church. In Rockets, which is the group I go to, we get a chair each and go into the clergy vestry. We always hear a Bible passage and then talk about it and what it means. We then have fun playing a game, talking about our week or sometimes doing word searches.


I love going to my Sunday group as I have lots of fun and I get to see my friends. My favourite session was when we went outside and sent balloons to God with a message on them. If you want to come and join us we would love to see you.


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